Adding proteinpulver to your diet

Whey protein is usually as supplements and comes in several different variants of the protein powder.
Whey protein as the single protein powder suitable for those times you want to have quick supply of protein to your muscles, and therefore works optimally after exercise or in the morning. You can also use between meals to increase your protein intake over the day.
Whey protein isolate is a purer form of whey. It is produced by whey filtered in more steps than traditional whey protein powder and the result is a protein powder with higher protein content, almost carbohydrate-free and very låglaktos. The protein reaches out faster to the muscles and muscle build-up originates.
Hydrolyzed whey protein is the most favorable form of whey protein. Here are long chains of amino acids are broken down into smaller parts so that the body does not need to waste time on cleavage. It brings an immediate absorption that is much faster than regular whey protein.
Trefasprotein often contain whey protein as one of three protein varieties along with casein and egg protein. Vassleproteinet stands for rapid protein, while the egg protein is medium fast, casein works slowly. Together they provide a continuous supply of high-quality protein and is ideal during the diet.
Gainers with whey protein and fast carbs is the most common form of recovery supplements. Carbohydrates can then quickly access that energy, so that the protein can concentrate on entry into storage in muscles.

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Whey is produced from milk and is a natural by-product of cheese production. The milk protein is roughly 20% of whey, and the remaining percentage consists of casein. Whey filtered until it basically only protein around, and the more it is filtered, the higher the protein content, protein powder.


For those of you who want to build muscle, whey protein is a good choice of supplements for several reasons. Whey protein has a high biological value with several important amino acids and a higher proportion of the branched-chain amino acids Leucine, valine and isoleucine, than other proteins. The branched-chain amino acids, particularly Leucine, are those in the highest degree has been shown to stimulate protein synthesis and signal to your body to build muscle. Much research has been done about the protein’s ability to build muscle and how supplements can affect the construction. Research (1) has shown that both muscle fibers type 1 and type 2 increases significantly if you eat extra protein associated with strength training. Type 1 fiber is used primarily for endurance while type 2 fibers used for short intense exercise such as weight lifting, as similar research results are especially interesting for those who want a greater muscle mass. The actual muscle strength increases as the exercise and is not in the same degree dependent on the protein supply.


For those of you who want to fettförbränna whey protein can help you along. It has long been known that protein affects the body’s heat production to a much greater extent than other energizing nutrients. This process is called as Thermogenesis and also contributes to increased energy production, which is positive for your loss. Recent research (2) have also shown differences in increased Thermogenesis between different sources of protein. It has been proven that whey protein is what contributes to the body’s Thermogenesis most, in comparison with casein and soy protein. In addition, an increase in protein intake a smaller proportion of carbohydrate and fat in the diet, how to choose whey protein snack times can by the help in weight loss while preserving muscle mass.

Different protein

Casein also comes from milk proteins. Casein, calcium rich and raised very slowly due to its complex structure. This makes the casein is suited best before sleep or if a long time passes between meals.
Many who are in muscle construction phase chooses to casein before they go and put themselves to constantly have high levels of amino acids in the blood and hence construction counter the breakdown of muscle mass.
Casein is also very good, and saturating the suit, therefore, excellent in the diet.


Egg protein
Protein powder from eggs have an absorption rate of a little more slowly than whey, but not as slow as casein. This means that it acts as a kind of middle ground between the two. Egg protein also has a very high BV.
Egg protein is perfect for those who are lactose intolerant or people. It is the highest quality option in addition to whey and is suitable for food, as a snack or in conjunction with training.

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About vassleprotein

Whey protein is derived from milk and is the protein that has the highest biological value (BV). BV is a measure of the quality of protein and is measured by the amount of essential (vital) amino acids it contains.


Whey protein is taken up rapidly in the body and are therefore ideal in connection with training and in the morning. After a work-out to quickly get protein to get the recovery and repair of muscles, and in the morning would you bring up protein levels after overnight fasting. Whey protein is the most commonly found in a gainer.


You can also use the whey protein to increase protein in meals or as a snack. Because the meal Assembly makes the vassleproteinet taken up more slowly, thus well despite its rapid uptake. You should only have one kind of protein powder, whey.


Note that vasslekoncentrat contains lactose if you are lactose intolerant (isolates and hydrolysates, however, is, in principle, lactose-free) and that whey protein is made from milk if you’re people.

How to drink proteinpulver

Tastes and preparation
Protein powders come in all imaginable flavors. When drinking it as an accompaniment to a meal or as a snack, there are many who prefer to mix the powder with milk, which enhances the taste. Do you want to avoid lactose, we recommend the almond milk, which has a fuller and rounder.
Because the milk in various shapes contain an extraordinary amount of carbohydrates and fat becomes the uptake of protein powder is slightly slower. Do you take protein powders in conjunction with training is a fast absorption is important and we recommend that you mix the powder with water.
Protein powder can also be used for baking and cooking there are also special bakprotein for this. Please look in our Ribbon recipes for more inspiration.
It is not difficult to understand why the protein powder is by far the most popular dietary supplements, whether you want to up or down in weight, or just feel better! With all the possible permutations and flavors you will find soon your own favorite!

The effectivity

Time Efficient
One of the main advantages of a protein powder is that it requires minimal preparation. Protein supplements requires neither the refrigerator or cooking. It is easy to take with them and the only thing you need is fluid and something to mix it in, such as a shaker.
Cost Effective
The more often and harder you practice, the greater your protein needs. A protein powder is an excellent, high-quality and inexpensive supplement to meet your growing needs.
Compare the price with tentatively meat do you notice how cheap protein powder is. Our popular Body Science Whey 100% produces a protein charge of 20 cents per gram of pure protein. This means that a portion of 23.4 g cost under five dollars! A serving of protein powder equivalent to this protein content of about 110 g of Sirloin steak or chicken breast. btw: Get a truckkörkort on this website.
Who uses protein powder?
For body builders and styrkeatleter are protein powder for granted in order to cover the need for protein and to stimulate muscle building.
Sportsmen and sportswomen across all types of physical sports, use protein powder to speed up recovery, repair damaged muscle protein and maintain an optimal body function.
For those of you who are trying to lose body fat helps the extra protein to keep burning on top, counteract muscle loss and reduce your appetite.

Vad är proteinpulver

Protein powder is a popular dietary supplement that comes in many different flavors and shapes. Protein powder extracted from either animal or vegetable raw materials. This is usually the animal complete proteins, meaning that the protein has a high biological value (BV). With biological value refers to how well a protein satisfies human needs all the amino acids.
Among the animal protein sources, we find, essentially, milk protein, whey and egg protein kaseinprotein and (in a few cases the meat protein). Among the vegetable shapes are the most common soy, hemp and pea protein. Btw: get yourself a jurist.
In the form of supplements are the most popular varieties of whey protein and kaseinprotein extracted from cow’s milk. At the time of manufacture, whey and casein from each other and a filtration and purification process begins. The filtering process can be done in several steps to provide different kinds of protein powder with different characteristics — for example, concentrates, isolates and hydrolysates. The same type of filtering process is also used for vegetable protein powder.
The filtering process is used primarily to remove as much carbohydrate and fat as possible. Even the most highly filtered protein powder products contain a small amount of trace elements, ash, and moisture, which means that a protein powder can rarely have a higher protein content than 95-96%. Then it must taste substance shall be added because the higher the degree of purification of a protein powder has, the more bitter it gets to taste. This means that the amount of protein is slightly lower on a flavored protein than a natural one. It also means that the protein content may vary with any percentage point between the different flavors. In practice, there are one to two grams of protein per 100 grams, which is negligible.